Produced by: Slashing Dragon, Exodus Destiny Dragon (jucarave)
Website: Morgaelin

An offshoot of Slashware, an old-school indie game developer that has since morphed into an IT consulting business, is slashgravatar’s attempt to keep the magic of the original Slashware going. He aims to eventually finish all of Slashware’s unfinished games, as well as pursue some “cool new projects”. It has since been moved to Slashland, a website dedicated to his various projects.

One such project is Morgaelin, which appears to be an offshoot of slashgravatar’s LRUM Project. Although at present he hasn’t released significant details about the project (other than some cursory development notes and a few screenshots), it would appear to be an attempt at an Ultima 8 “demake” — a remake of the game using Ultima 4-era graphics and UI elements.

Thus far, Morgaelin supports keyboard movement, offset-based water animations, support for Tiled JSON maps, map transitions (between the overworld and points of interest), and basic NPC movements (and animated NPC sprites)…and, of course, Ultima 4-style messages.

A cursory look at the Morgaelin Bitbucket repository suggests that slashgravatar ultimately aims to create three versions of Morgaelin: a desktop version, a web-based version, and an Android version. Hopefully he is able to get the game onto all three platforms!

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