Ultima 8 Spanish Translation

Produced by: L@Zar0
Website: Ultima VIII: Pagan al Castellano @ Clandlan

Traducción al Castellano Ultima VIII: Pagan V1.0

A near-complete translation of Ultima 8 into Spanish, complete with the tools used.

This is a translation of Ultima 8 (specifically, version 2.12, or the Enhanced CD version; if you’re playing the GOG version of the game, this patch will work) into Spanish.

Although the audio from the Speech Pack hasn’t been translated, all of the in-game text will be rendered in Castilian. Given the length of some of the translated phrases, it is recommended to adjust the text speed in the game’s options to a slower setting than the default. When you install the patch, you will be prompted to specify the location of your Ultima 8 installation, and will then be presented with three options:

  1. 1. Translation of Ultima VIII: Pagan (default and Recommended) — This option includes the Castilian translation of Ultima VIII: Pagan, in which dialogues, books, tombstones and other text are translated.
  2. Translation of Ultima VIII: Pagan and Translation Tools — This option includes everything above, and also installs the tools used in translation.
  3. Translation of Ultima VIII: Pagan and Speech Pack — This option includes everything from option 1, and also adds Speech Pack support (specifically for the English version). If this option is installed NO Castilian subtitles shown, although there is a way to enable them.

A few bugs, such as the issue with the key to Devon’s chest, are also corrected in this patch.

It’s worth noting that L@Zar0 created his own tools for extracting graphics from Ultima 8, adding new fonts to the game, and modifying/translating in-game text. He has generously included all of these with the translation patch, in case others want to make use of them to translate the game to other languages.

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